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X-Green™ Produce Safety System

Helps prevent foodborne illnesses and allows for healthier produce. This produce safety system automatically injects a wash solution into a cold, agitated bath and removes pesticides, wax, soil, and bacteria from the product. The X-Green™ System is an entire food safety program, complete with reporting and traceability features to protect the health and safety of your customers. It enhances your HACCP program, and when combined with Fit® produce wash, destroys 99.9% of the harmful bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses. Full size refrigerated or non-refrigerated or mini non-refrigerated available. Model XGRR shown.

Model Description Case
MIXG 40" Insulated Tank; Ice Bath 1
XGRN 72" Insulated Tank; Ice Bath 1
XGRR 72" Insulated Tank; Refrigerated 1

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