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San Jamar

Electronic Touchless Towel Dispensers

Prevent the spread of germs and go "hands free". Electronic touchless paper towel dispensers are 25% smaller than other electronic dispensers and are simple to use. Tear-N-Dry Essence dispenses 10" of paper with no wait making it ideal for high traffic areas. Smart Essence features a smart self adjusting sensing field; allowing customers to toggle between the Sensor mode or Towel Out mode. Dispenses 80 to 90 rolls of 800' towel on 4D cell batteries in sensing mode.

Model Description Case
T1300TBK 1 Ea.
T1300TBL 1 Ea.
T1390TBK 1 Ea.
T1390TBL 1 Ea.
T1400TBK 1 Ea.
T1400TBKHW 1 Ea.
T1400TBL 1 Ea.
T1490TBK 1 Ea.
T1490TBL 1 Ea.
T8000TBK 1 Ea.
T8000TBL 1 Ea.
T8000WH 1 Ea.
T8090TBK 1 Ea.
T8090TBL 1 Ea.

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